i'm not real

by Cosmic Punk

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released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Cosmic Punk Carrboro, North Carolina

cosmic punk is a 3 piece indie rock band from chapel hill, nc. we are elayna madden, jewell brey, and alex haggis.
for booking email: wearecosmicpunk@gmail.com

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Track Name: just fine
i can't deny that you are there for me for days that i am blue
it's true, but maybe i rely too heavily on you
cos nothing matters
nothing, not even the truth
(in truth be told)

i'm nothing more than the butt end of your cigarette
the jokes that you have written to tell to people you've never met
i'm not an open book, but something caught you by surprise
you couldn't resist to stay and have a look

it took so long and i can't find
a reason why i'd ever call you mine
cos i'm just fine
sitting by myself and counting colors in my mind
you'd judge me for what i'd do in my spare time
and i've learned that i don't need those types of vibes in my life

i've never been so calm
my life is like a song i'll sing along
cos i have never felt so nice
i don't have to think twice
i'm so much happier without you in my life
it's time
Track Name: thc crutch
i wanna fall in love with all your algorithms slowly
and i have come to the conclusion you're the perfect person for me
we're both alone but not lonely
i've tried to come to terms with all the issues that she left behind
they stained my sense of confidence but i finally learned to unwind
not worrying about her all the time

it took me so long to let go and be kind
i'm more approachable now that she's finally out of my mind
i'm waiting for that sunny day when she finally doesn't get her way
the clouds will part, the birds will sing
and i'll have everything

i claim confidence but my hands still shake during confrontation
my thc crutch mixed with my third eye make the perfect combination
i'm so stoned i can feel her aura from here
Track Name: freedumb
i'm such a loser for still being hung up on you
you came into my life without an invitation and just passed on through
well i guess i did catch a feeling or 2
i'm not sure why, since all you did was lie
though i knew the whole time
i guess when loneliness is at its prime

there's no one to blame
i'm not the same
person i was 3 months ago
you stayed the same
i'm so mad
it took so long to let you go

you played the manipulative defensive side
and i fell through
what a typical thing for me to do
detaching from real life
well i guess that's why you became a habit of mine
Track Name: aches & pains
cigarettes are just another expense
but without them i get really intense
just an addict beginning recovery
entirely fueled by gluttony
i wouldn't have done this if i'd chosen to
aches and pains and aggravation double through
i want a rich woman that will buy me hermes
just because i do everything she says

everyone i know lives in asheville
they got it together and left chapel hill
i'm just waiting for something to fulfill
till i can save up move over to nashville
i feel like i'm on a giant treadmill
it's not ideal, but i'm not real
aches and pains and aggravations too